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The Future is Yours - Why not start Today
• Why do things the Hard Way ... when you can do them the Easy Way ... ?
Where does it say that a "State-of -the-Art Program" has to be so expensive?
Not any more It doesn't.

CarFiles-Pro is a "State-of-the-Art Program" built on a State-of-the-Art platform "Claris FileMaker"
with a few clicks on your browser you can easily check it out for yourself, or go to:


The Future is Yours - Why not start Today
CarFiles Pro was built on the 'Claris FileMaker' platform in 1988

At the very beginning there weren't very many choices of platforms for small business to create useful applications

IBM was for big businesses and Microsoft Dos was horrible at the time. Along comes XEROX with their new invention: The GUI
(Graphical User Interface)

Xerox had no idea what to do with it so they gave it to Steve Jobs to "Play with it". Jobs being no dummy stole it in exchange for a few worthless Apple stocks at the time

The rest is history of course. the Apple MacIntoch (Mac) was born
Later Bill Gates stole it from Jobs and the Microsoft Windows was born

Actually, the whole world of computers was re-born. The GUI did it

Well, Claris was there all along with several applications including FileMaker Pro. Today it's still owned by Apple and it has actually grown tremendously in the last five years

Now a small business can easily and economically build extremely useful applications on both platforms Windows and Apple OS, they work together seamlessly and are affordable to anyone
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