Car Dealer Software
Works with Windows and Macs
No learning curve
• Why do things the Hard Way ... when you can do them the Easy Way ... ?
Buying and Selling Entry Steps:

Everything starts at The Main Menu
Main Menu
Start at the Main Menu by clicking on a task
The Decoder will fill in all the fields below automatically
Vehicle VIN Decoder
Let the built-in VIN Decoder do its job
Tell it where it came fron and at what price
Just  type in  the price info - everything else is point and click
Isn't this nice? Everything is in one page - no back and forth
Recent Sales With Deal Popover
Buy Here Pay Here Payments
Posting BHPH Payment
Selling Details
BHPH Loan Details
BHPH Comments
Partial View of a Finance Contract
The VIN can be typed in or pasted from another site
Report Builder
VIN Decoder
Let the system know a few Details about this purchase
Open Sell-a-Car and you are presented with a list to point & click
Now just tell it what to print - Click on any Icon below
Now you are almost done - Click a button to begin printing
List View with Popover
Recent Sales With Deal Popover
Window Sticker / Buyers Guide Combo
It reminds you of anything that's missing - Such as Insurance info
Finally Issue your Customer an ETR and the Deal is Done
Home Page Title Work Section
Home Page Repairs and Expenses