Car Dealer Software
Works with Windows and Macs
No learning curve
• Why do things the Hard Way ... when you can do them the Easy Way ... ?
Buying and Selling Entry Steps:

Everything starts at The Main Menu
Main Menu
Start at the Main Menu by clicking on a task
The Decoder will fill in all the fields below automatically
Vehicle VIN Decoder
Let the built-in VIN Decoder do its job
Tell it where it came fron and at what price
Just  type in  the price info - everything else is point and click
Isn't this nice? Everything is in one page - no back and forth
Outside Financing Deal Making Part-1
Outside Financing Deal Making Part-2
Recent Sales With Deal Popover
Buy Here Pay Here Payments
Posting BHPH Payment
Selling Details
BHPH Loan Details
BHPH Comments
Partial View of a Finance Contract
The VIN can be typed in or pasted from another site
Report Builder
VIN Decoder
Let the system know a few Details about this purchase
Open Sell-a-Car and you are presented with a list to point & click
Now just tell it what to print - Click on any Icon below
Now you are almost done - Click a button to begin printing
List View with Popover
Recent Sales List
Window Sticker / Buyers Guide Combo
It reminds you of anything that's missing - Such as Insurance info
Finally Issue your Customer an ETR and the Deal is Done
Home Page Title Work Section
Home Page Repairs and Expenses
Company Settings Layout
Company Settings Layout 2
Company Settings 3